I have been using O’Brien’s Billing since 1994.  I found that doing my own billing was too time-consuming and frustrating.  The staff at O’Brien’s is knowledgeable, reliable and professional.  I have had nothing but positive feedback from my clients.  My practice could not run as effectively without them.”

James Spano, LCSW

Syracuse, NY

“O’Brien’s Billing has provided billing for my private practice in psychotherapy for the last 6 years.  During that time, I have been able to focus on my clinical work and leave the billing, insurance battles, and collecting to O’Brien’s Billing.  They are reliable, efficient, and compassionate toward my patients.  In addition, they cheerfully and relentlessly pursue insurance company errors and problems.  I highly recommend their services; they have recently upgraded their software system, electronic billing capacity, and patient billing services which has made even great service better. Finally, they are always available to help me, talk with me, and to formulate solutions to any of my unique billing situations.”

Christine Allen, Ph.D.

Syracuse, NY

“We cannot say enough great things about O’Brien’s Billing Service.  We have been the recipients of their outstanding service for more than five years and we likely could not operate without them. As a family-run business, they are invested in what they do, and do it with a personal touch.  They know all the ins and outs of working with insurance companies, are kind and courteous to clients, are up to date on policy issues, are easy to work with, and run a smooth and efficient system.  Trusting in the quality of their service allows us to devote our attention and energy to the direct service of our clients. The peace of mind they provide to us is worth every penny we pay for their service.”

Harmony Healing

Kathy Tryon, LCSW

Cindy Ostuni, LCSW

Syracuse, NY

“I have used O’Brien’s Billing service since 1999; their service has been highly reliable and affordable. Claims are submitted in an efficient and quick manner to maximize the speed of reimbursement from insurance companies. It is extremely difficult for any mental health professional to navigate the intricacies of dealing with the various insurance companies, contracts and reimbursement rates; O’Brien’s Billing takes the pain and hassle out of this process so that I can focus better on my clinical work.”

Amy Goodrum, Ph.D.

Fayetteville, NY

​“The O’Briens are competent and professional, and seem to be improving their services regularly.  Having them doing my billing saves me time and headaches.  They keep up with all the insurance-related issues that I don’t want to keep up with, and give me useful advice on billing and insurance matters.  They make my life easier, and I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Martha Viglietta, Ph.D.

Syracuse, NY

“If I didn’t have the services of O’Brien’s Billing, I would no longer be able to practice. They help walk me and my clients through the complicated and frustrating insurance maze. Handing over the billing piece of the practice to them is a weight lifted, and allows me to focus on the clinical work with my clients.

I have been using O’Brien billing for over 15 years, and in practices in 3 different states where I have lived.  My clients have always told me that the people at O’Brien’s Billing have been professional and helpful. When complicated insurance issues surface, I know if I call their office, they will help sort it out with information, recommendations on how to proceed, or by taking it over and handling it.”

Cheryl Katz, LCSW

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Before I began working with O’Brien’s Billing, Inc. I was overwhelmed with the billing process of my private practice.  The effort involved in collecting payments from the insurance companies was all consuming.  Although I feel strongly that my clients should be able to use their health insurance to pay me for counseling, managing this aspect of my practice was extremely difficult.  Knowing the co-pay amounts, submitting the claims, completing the Outpatient Treatment Reports on time and making sure that the insurance companies paid the claims that were submitted was another full time job.  O’Brien’s Billing Inc. has taken care of all of this. Before my client comes to their first appointment, O’Brien’s Billing Inc. has already informed the client about what their insurance will cover and what their co-pay will be.  O’Brien’s also works closely with the insurance companies to collect the payments that are due to me.  I no longer have to spend my afternoons calling the insurance companies to follow up on unpaid insurance claims.  As a result, I can devote ALL of my time to my clients.  I can’t imagine effectively managing the business aspects of my private practice without the help of O’Brien’s Billing, Inc.”

Diane Jerdan, LCSW

Ithaca, NY

“When I decided to hire out my client billing rather than continue doing it myself, everyone recommended O’Brien’s Billing.  From the very beginning I was thrilled.  No longer did I have to spend hours with my own billing and tracking benefits. Furthermore, my income actually increased as they were much better than I in getting payments from the insurance companies!  The staff has been very courteous to clients with both the initial setup and any later billing questions.  Additionally, the staff at O’Brien’s is always responsive and helpful with any needs or questions I have.  I’ve been with the service for over 10 years and could not be happier!”

Cynthia Bahn, LCSW

Fayetteville, NY

“I have been using O’Brien’s for my practice’s billing needs since 1999. They are experienced and knowledgeable, keeping up with changes in medical insurance and billing systems. They are very adept at dealing with issues and problems that inevitably arise in the course of insurance processing. They are readily available and helpful to me and to my patients. The cost of the service is well worth the savings in time and effort in dealing with the medical billing process.”

Eric Schroeder, LCSW

Syracuse, NY

“I have worked with O’Brien’s Billing Service since the start of my private practice 21 years ago.  I have found them to be knowledgeable, efficient, professional and absolutely vital to my work.  My patients report that they have felt helped by the staff and that they have been treated with kindness.  I consider the interface between my patients and the staff at O’Brien’s to be an extension of the clinical relationship with me which makes this a critical element of the therapy. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that my practice is supported by the work of O’Brien’s Billing. I would recommend them to anyone seeking such service.”

Pauline Cecere, LCSW

Cazenovia, NY

“I have a very busy private practice, and it is a relief to me that O’Brien’s Billing Service is handling my insurance claims. For the past 8 years, O’Brien’s Billing has handled my insurance claims in an expedient, professional, and competent manner. I would highly recommnend them to other practitioners in the field.”

Timothy Hayes, Ph.D.

Syracuse, NY

“I have known Anne O’Brien as my biller since I became a Social Worker 22 years ago.  She had been doing insurance billing for Family Services Associates when I began my first job.  She has always been diligent, thorough, and friendly to clients.  She has taken care of me, even when correcting me for my sloppy work.  I would not be able to be in practice over these years if not for Anne.  When she added Dave and Loren to the team, she was able to serve more & more therapists.  Dave has taken the business to new a technological level while maintaining the personal connection I have known all these years.  Thank you, Anne.  I could not have served as many people and as easily if not for you.”

Paul Honess, LCSW

Syracuse, NY