Instamed Registration

For those of you currently using Payspan to receive payments from Excellus BCBS, or if you are currently receiving paper checks from Excellus but would like to be paid via direct bank deposit, EFT services will be changing over to Instamed.  The registration process is fairly straight-forward, and while you have the option of registering online or submitting the paper form that was mailed out, we recommend the online option.  However, there are three fields on the form that pertain to billing through us.  First, where they ask for your practice management system, you would want to enter Kareo.  Second, regarding the delivery of ERAs ( 837 electronic remittance advice), you would want to select Trizetto from the drop-down menu (or write in Trizetto on the paper form).  Finally, where it asks for your billing NPI, that would be your own NPI.  If you are set up as a PLLC, you would put your Group NPI in that field.

To complete the Instamed registration online, click here:

Please feel free to contact David with any questions.