Beacon Health/Total Care

I just wanted to summarize the information regarding Beacon’s acquisition of the contract to manage all matters related to mental health treatment for Total Care members.  As of 2/1/16, Total Care patients will not have out-of-network benefits, meaning that you must join the Beacon Health Strategies network to provide services to Total Care members (not to be confused with the Beacon Health Options network, formerly Value Options).  If you are currently treating Total Care patients and are not in the BHS network, you must attempt to secure a single-case agreement for transitional treatment.  This is done by calling 844-265-7594.  After that initial call, you will likely be asked to submit the below form:

To join the BHS network, you must first submit their Letter of Interest Form:

Please read the requirements carefully to determine if your practice qualifies.  The LOI can be emailed as instructed, or faxed to Provider Relations at 781.994.7639.  If that is approved, you will be sent the remainder of their credentialing application.